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Small Green River Live Edge Dining Table Set
Small Green River Live Edge Dining Table Set

Small Green River Live Edge Dining Table Set

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Small Green River Live Edge Dining Table Set Pictured 

Cherry and oak wood mixed live edge dining table set. The cherry live edge top features a green river.  The set also has black, white, red/pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange accents. The table has a sawtooth apron pigmented to stand out, and features colorful marble decorations.

Price includes two chairs

  • Approx. 30" x 36" 
(width varies according to live edge board chosen | seats 2)

Small Green River Live Edge Dining Table Set 

This colorful painted live edge table is not for the faint of heart! I created this piece as a nod to the all artists and art lovers who want a colorful, bold, and one of a kind table. This live edge table with a green river is small, and is great in a breakfast nook or other small eating space.

All of the checkerboard accents are hand painted, & burnt in with a hand held wood detailer. That means they include "flaws" that only art lovers can appreciate.

The top epoxy pour is done with green pigmented epoxy, and the wood chosen is absolutely beautiful fiddleback cherry wood. Fiddleback cherry is tight curl in the wood grain, and it can only really be appreciated in person.

Want to pick your own color pallet? I can dig it! From the color of the river, to the each slat of the chair - the options are endless. Let's discuss 814-661-0188.

Don't see the color, size, or option you want? Call, txt 814-661-0188, email to order!