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Portfolio Piece | Dark Blue Walnut River Table

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Dark Blue Walnut River Table And Six Chairs For Sale

Solid walnut wood epoxy river table with a dark blue river, an epoxy pond, and beautiful feather grain. Straight outside edge with a small portion of the live edge retained. Base/legs open for the customer to choose. Shown on a Noah's base with black through tenons. 

Sized to seat 6: 40" x 72" 

About the Dark Blue Walnut River Table

This exact epoxy river table top is available for immediate sale! Paul had some walnut wood slabs that he just knew would make awesome river table. He decided to make the river table top so that he could show customers how special their epoxy table could be.

He cut out the bow tie shape in an effort to make the table easier to sit at, while at the same time  retaining the unique and special feathered grain the center of each board. The outside edges are straight machined edges, but there is still a little live edge in the very center of each side of the table.

Table Base Options

Choose any base or leg style on our website! We're building to order, so there are a lot of options. You can also keep it simple by ordering the Noah's table base exactly as it is shown on the video.

Epoxy River Chairs

Option to change out the six walnut shaker side chairs that are priced for the set to include my epoxy river chairs. 

Don't see the color, size, or option you want? Call, txt 814-661-0188, email to order!