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Portfolio Piece| Black Epoxy River Table Spalted Maple

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Spalted Burl Maple Live Edge Black Epoxy River Table 

Solid wood spalted maple epoxy river table with a black river. Live edges on both the inside and outside of this river table. This exact top is sold, but I have wood from the same tree available to be made in to a table of your own. 

See slabs 1-12

Price includes six chairs 

  • Approx. 42" x 72" 

(seats 6 or 8)

About the Spalted Maple Live Edge Epoxy River Table

This burl maple black epoxy river table was 40" x 72". It was sold with a set of six maple chairs. This exact top is longer available, but I couldn't resist showing some of our best work. 

The first pour was with black epoxy, and the second pour was clear epoxy. This method of pouring the epoxy allowed us to add color to the river, while at the same time keeping the beautiful and unique raw edge of the tree visible.

We chose black for the epoxy river in this table, because it contrasts nicely with maple wood, and it matches the black spalting streaks in the wood. Not only is the wood on this table special because of the spalting, but it also contains burl (the center "growth" inside the river).

Table Base Options

Choose any base or leg style on our website! We're building to order, so there are a lot of options. You can also keep it simple by ordering the Noah's table base, the most popular choice for our river tables.

Epoxy River Chairs

Option to change out the six shaker side chairs that are priced in with the set to include my epoxy river chairs.

We Bought The Boule (The Whole Tree)

Looking for table like this but want a different size? We bought the whole tree, so you can customize your spalted maple river table! Pick your width, length, epoxy color, and base. Call or txt to discuss.

Don't see the color, size, or option you want? Call, txt 814-661-0188, email to order!