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Noah's Table Set

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Noah's Table Set Pictured 

Noah's table is a live edge walnut epoxy river table. Made of solid wood, this table features natural walnut wood, a blue river, live edge on the outside and "inside" of the river, & a base that has black wood dowels connecting figured maple accent pieces.

Price includes six chairs, two with special epoxy river tops/seats

  • Approx. 36-40" x 72" 
(width varies according to live edge board chosen | seats 6 or 8)


    About the Live Edge Noah's River Table

    When we designed the Noah's River table set, we knew it needed a special base that could hold its own against the pretty epoxy river top. 

    The Noah's base Paul created thoughtfully pulls together the dark brown tones and the blonde streaks inherent in natural walnut wood. The figured (curly) maple medallion floats between black wood dowels. 

    Epoxy River Chairs

    Another thing that sets the Noah's river table set apart from other epoxy river tables is the chairs designed to go with it. Paul came up with the idea to incorporate the epoxy in with his signature solid wood dining chair design. He took his Shaker chair design, and added an epoxy river to both the chair seats and the top of the chairs.

    Two of the six chairs that come with the Live Edge Noah's River Table Set will come with rivers in the chairs. They are meant to sit at the "heads" of the table. The other four chairs will be walnut shaker chairs without a river. This is so they don't "overpower" the design.

    Don't see the color, size, or option you want? Call, txt 814-661-0188, email to order!