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New Pizza Sauce Recipe - How I'm Spending My Extra Time Home

Back to Old Hobbies 

With everything going on, and all of my Summer & Fall shows canceled - I've had a lot more time home. Since I'm not one to sit around, I've been able to get back to a hobby of mine that has taken a back seat in the last few years. Spending quality time in my garden, and canning the spoils of my hard work.


Why I Love Canning

Canning is hard work, no mistake there. It can be time consuming and hot. On the flip side, there's something about growing your own food and preserving it for your family, that takes me back to my roots.

My Dad had a huge garden, and he took a lot of pride in it. He grew a little of everything, even odd things like parsnips and horse radish. His garden was the best in town, and people were always commenting on it, and getting growing advice. The garden was my Dad's - no mistake there, but my Mom was in charge of picking and canning.

Back then, I had little interest in any of it. The closest I got to helping was shelling peas, and that's just because it gave me something to do while I was getting a tan. I would fill huge metal containers while I baked for hours in the sun. 

It is funny how growing up gives you new appreciation for things you took for granted as a kid!


My Recipe Obsession

Did you know I have a secret passion for collecting recipes?

My family might tease me that it is something more than just passion, but there has to be some of you out there that are on my side!

New recipes are one of the main reasons I'm on Pinterest. I love getting a new take on a classic meal, finding new ways to use my fresh vegetables, and reading the comments from people who have tried the recipes.

That's how I found this recipe for Pizza Sauce. It wasn't just that it looked like a good recipe, it was that the comments were all high praise.

I had tomatoes coming in my garden, and knew I had to give it a try.


First Things First

If you haven't canned before, take my advice and spend plenty of time prepping. I hardly ever plan and can in the same day. That's because there's always a curve ball! Some things to consider:

    1. Do you have enough jars?
    2. The right size jars?
    3. Enough lids?
    4. A marker to date the lids?
    5. The right ingredients including herbs & spices?
    6. Are your herbs & spices expired?
    7. Do you have the plenty of time?
    8. Where will you put your jars to set up?

And # 6 is what got me this time! I 'm lucky I noticed, it isn't something I think to check on. They probably would have been fine to use anyway, but maybe the flavors wouldn't be as strong.

Anyway, it would have been a pain if I hadn't planned ahead, and dragged out everything I needed the day before. 


Cooking & Canning

One thing I noticed about the recipe right away, the pizza sauce really needed to cook down. I figured I would have to block off at least 3 hours. 

The recipe was easy to follow though, and everything went well. I ended up with 14 1/2 pts (I know 2 look taller in the pic, but they're just a different shape.)


The Final Verdict

I had a little bit left over that wasn't quote enough to fill a jar, so I decided why not give it a try? 


I made a pizza, and was surprised to find the sauce didn't taste like what you would find on a pie from a traditional pizza place. I can't put my finger on what made it different, but it wasn't quite as "tomatoe-y" as I'm used to. 

Don't mistake me, it was good! Just unexpected. Also important to note: the real test will be in a few months, after the sauce has had time to season.

Either way I would make the recipe again, and I can't wait to try it after it has marinated properly.

Other Projects

I actually had some tomatoes left over, so I decided to make my famous salsa too. Everyone loves this salsa, and I always end up giving too much of it away! 

To date I've done green beans, pizza sauce, and salsa. I'm not sure if I'll get in to anything else, but my garden is still producing. 

Want to share a canning recipe? Comment with the details!

Salsa Canning Photos

salsa-ingredients salsa-spices
salsa-canning-tools salsa-canned