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New In Our Art Festival Booth Display | Epoxy River Tables For Sale

We've been making epoxy river tables for a few years now, but never had a great way to show customers how cool they can look.

We would show them pictures, and try to explain, but that was tough. Can you see the left picture transforming into the right one?

Thankfully Paul's a smart guy, and he came up great idea. He would pour the epoxy, finish the table tops, and then stand them up in our booth to show patrons. Here are the table tops we have with us right now.



No Imagination Required


Now customers can see the exact top they are getting. From there, they get to choose the base style and color that they like. Paul adapted the base of a funky accent table he made to go with the river table shown here. This is one of our many base/leg style options available.

What About Chairs?

You pick them! Sometimes our customers order them in a solid pigment such as black or white. Sometimes customers want the wood to match. Either way is just fine with us. 

Epoxy Resin Table Options

Want to design your table from scratch? In addition to picking your base and chair style, here are some of the other common choices customer make when working with us to design their river table.

    1.  Wood type: oak, cherry, maple, walnut, or ask what specialty wood we have in stock. You can also pick a wood type not listed above, and we'll see if our sawyer can help us find the perfect slabs for you.
    2. Size: from river tables to seat two, to river tables that seat 12 - we can make the size you need.
    3. Epoxy color: see Wisebond's mica color pigments.
    4. Live edge versus machine edge on the outside of the table:
Live edge: the natural edge of the tree both on the outside edge of the table, and in the river portion of the table.  Machine edge: a straight edge on the outside of the table, and a live edge in the river portion of the table.

    Explore the Beauty & Elegance of River Tables Available Online Now

    All river tables that we were able to get good photos of have been included on the website. Some are available to "buy now," because we have that exact top ready and waiting for a home. Some are "portfolio pieces," because the top is sold, THOUGH we can likely make something similar.