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Get Creative With Color | Some Inspiration From Other Customers

Through the years, Paul and I have seen the rise and fall of many popular interior design trends. The rule used to be that all wood tones in the home needed to match, and all design choices had to be made based on the same trend.

A home used to be “traditional with golden oak” or “mid-century modern with mahogany” or “arts and crafts with quarter sawn oak” or “shaker with cherry”.

Lately though, we’ve noticed that customers aren’t re-doing their whole dining room or kitchen in the same wood, or even the same interior design style.

People Are More Eclectic

Some customers have staple pieces in their home that have sentimental meaning. They want to keep them, and design their new furniture to coordinate. Others have open concept designs, and want a table set that will tie everything together.

For many of our customers it is more about complementing what they have, then it is about getting an exact match. They want what they like, just so it doesn’t “clash.” That has really opened the door for us to get more creative.

Here are some photos to help inspire customers to get creative with wood types, color combinations, and color placements.


Two Tone Woods (Stain with Stain)
Aged cherry body with colonial maple slats and seat on cherry wood Ebony body with grey slats and seat on oak wood Aged on cherry with maple live edge top and sea simply white
walnut_maple_natural maple_natural_cherry_aged walnut_maple_natural
Natural walnut body with natural maple seat and back slats Aged cherry frame with maple natural center Natural walnut with slats and wraps natural maple
Two Tone (Stain & Lacquer)
bolero_natural lightgreenglaze_harvest white_harvest
Bollero body with natural seat oak Light green/glaze body with seat and top harvest White body with slats and seat harvest
black_grey aged_black irmasgrey_whiteirmasgrey
Black body with top grey top ambrosia maple Aged stained cherry with black slats White/Irma's grey body with top and slats stained Irma's grey
Black outside with aged stained cherry in the center Black body with harvest slats on the head and footboard Aged stained cherry with light green/glaze chest with an aged stained cherry top and knobs
white_simplywhite white_simplywhiteentertainment blue_standard
White body with simply white ambrosia top and door faces White body with simply white stained back Blue body with dark stained cherry top
tobacco_white white_harvest englishchestnut_black
Table with tobacco stain and white/glaze apron and server behind with white/glaze body and tobacco back and top. White body with top and slats harvest English chestnut table with apron and slats black, and chairs English chestnut with black slats and wraps.
black_simply_shite black_naturalwalntut irmasgrey_whiteirmasgrey
Black body with simply white stain Black body with natural walnut top/drawer face/shelf Table is white/Irma's grey with top Irma's grey and chairs are Irma's grey with white/Irma's grey back support
Three Or More Colors/Wood Types
naturalmaple_specialwalnut_tobacco black_naturalwalnut_naturalmaple naturalwalnut_maple_red_purpler
Top and seat of chair special walnut stained on oak, base and chair body tobacco stained oak, apron ans slats natural maple Black, with natural walnut top and seat, and slats/wraps/buttons natural maple Natural walnut with maple pegs and apron on table and red sawtooth apron with purple runner. Chairs natural walnut with natural maple back slats and wraps
natural_res_natural black_natural_natural natural_black_whiteglaze
Natural walnut with natural maple apron/vhelve/door insert/knobs. With red sawtooth apron. Black with natural walnut, natural maple, and black accents. Black, natural, and white/grey.
Dark stained cherry with black and simply white maple accents colorful table set
Dark stained cherry with simply white maple and doors and drawer faces with black frames Colorful painted table wiht a checkerboard painted top Dark stained cherry island with black, red, purple, and blue accents.
Pewter body with dark stained cherry top and doors/drawer with various wood tones.

Our Designs + Your Style = The Perfect Piece For You

As furniture designers, it is very important for us to know what our customers are looking for, and also what to suggest when they don’t know what they’re looking for. We are all about working together to find out what suits both your home as it is, and your current design style. One size fits all; tables, islands, servers etc. are so out . What’s in? The perfect piece for you.

If you want to collaborate, start by sending a no pressure txt to let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll guide you from there: 814-661-0188. You can include things like what size you need, the piece you like most on our website, what wood type you’re thinking of, and any photos you’d like us to see.

Our custom designs are priced on size, difficulty, and wood type - not on color - so let’s get creative together.