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Accidental Snowbirds


Or should I say, “Showbirds?” As winter really starts to set in, and the holidays are over, so are most of the shows in the North. Paul loves warm weather, and getting away to FL is something he looks forward to.

While I prefer staying home in the Fall & Winter, every year I get talked into going along. Paul argues we can mix business with pleasure like many artists do, by vacationing through the week in the RV, and working on the weekend at the show. Since FL really does have some top notch Art and Craft shows, I agree and we follow the shows by going South in the Winter.


Enough about business though! Another reason I get talked into going South is that we stop in beautiful Jekyll Island, GA for a few days to enjoy the Jekyll Island New Year’s Bluegrass Festival before moving on to the shows.

Did you know Paul and I are Bluegrass fans? 

I know Bluegrass isn’t the most popular music genre, but we think it is underrated. The musicians have some real talent, and the performances are so fun to watch.  

Also fun to watch - when fans from the crowd get overtaken by the moment and break into clogging. Clogging is a specific type of dance that goes with Bluegrass music, and seeing people when they are really going is truly amazing. Here’s a video of what clogging looks like in case you are unfamiliar.

This Year’s Festival

This year was the 45th annual, and the third time Paul and I have attended. We stayed in the parking lot suggested by the festival along with a lot of other festival goers. It was fun to be surrounded by bluegrass fans from all over the country - even as far as Canada.

There were a few “headliners” this year like always, but the big one was Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver - they were my favorite of the festival. They have been on the bluegrass/gospel scene for many years. This was their last performance, and we were fortunate enough to be there for it! They put on an extra long set, playing for close to two and a half hours. It was the highlight of the festival, and of course, one of the only performances I didn’t snap a picture for!

Young At Heart

Young in reality. One funny side note about bluegrass festivals: Paul and I are often part of the younger crowd. That makes for a laid back atmosphere, and gives Paul and I a chance to relax and unwind after the hustle and bustle of getting orders out for Thanksgiving, and then again for Christmas. 

It is much needed time to let our hair down, and remember what we work for. As a bonus, Sven and Sadie are just a short drive away hanging out in the RV. Maybe leaving them there makes us poor dog parents, but we make sure they get their special time too. 


Here is a picture of Paul getting ready to take the two out for a bike ride before we leave for the festival. I think you can tell by their posture how much they love rides of any kind (bike, motorcycle, tractor, side by side, etc.). Sven was born for adventure, and younger sister Sadie is learning the ropes from him.

Back To Work - Kind Of

While in FL, we will spend our time between a couple of state parks. We will visit Paul’s brother. Paul will do his best to keep us busy, and I will do my best to get some quiet time to read. I brought several books with me, and I’ve already finished one!