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Woodland Armoire
Woodland Armoire

Woodland Armoire

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  • 25" l x 19" d x 30" h

About the Woodland Armoire

The Woodland Armoire is part of the solid wood and handcrafted Woodland Bedroom collection. This collection features multiple wood types intermixed to create pops of color, and to add interest.

The black parts of this armoire are oak, the white is maple, and the wood tone is natural cherry. The unique front door panels are a special kind of wood called ambrosia maple. Ambrosia Maple is characterized by a unique streaking pattern created by beetles living in the wood. The light stain we use on the door panels also causes undertones of various colors and including light shades of blue, green and pink to shine though subtly. Each armoire will be a true one of a kind due to the use of this wood.

Not shown is our ability to add a rail at the top of the armoire to allow for clothes handing instead of the shelving units shown. Just add a comment in the "add a note to your order" that you prefer a rail to hang clothes. 

Decisions Decisions

Since I build to order, the options are really too many to list. 

If you want a color or two tone combination you don't see listed as an option - choose "Other color not listed" or "two tone combination" and "Wood (Your Choice)".

Just add to the cart - then let us know what you want where in the "Add a note to your order" area at checkout. Note - this must be a color we list on our colors page & price will be adjusted after the order is placed for wood types other than oak.

Don't see the color, size, or option you want? Call, txt 814-661-0188, email to order!