Solid Wood Never Felt so Good

Delivery Region & What To Expect


Personal Delivery

We don't ship via truck lines, we send our own driver. He will personally setup your furniture, and will treat your new furniture and your home with care.

We aren't sending someone that we don't know; Dave's been with us for about 10 years. You can trust him both in your home and with any balance due.

Personal delivery is 10% to states we do shows in, or FREE with orders placed at the show (FL excluded - residents should contact us to discuss).

Note that Dave may need help lifting heavy items. When we take your order, we will let you know if he will need a hand, so you can plan to help, or have help present at delivery.

Contact us with questions. We will get back to you during our normal business hours | M-F 8-4:30.  814-661-0188

Online Order Processing Limited By State

We do shows in and delivery to many states, but I have limited the online checkout feature for residents living ONLY in the following states: CT, DE, Washington D.C., MD,  NJ, OH, PA, VA, & WV.

Customers from other states can order via phone or email 

We just don't want money to exchange hands until we agree on a projected turn around time.

That's because some states we deliver to only once or twice a year and other states we deliver to only during the summer months. If you live in a state other than those listed above, you may experience a longer turn around time, and we want to be up front about that.

Call or text 814-661-0188 for an estimated delivery date based on your location, and our show schedule. We will get back to you during our normal business hours | M-F 8-4:30.  814-661-0188

If you saw us at a show

We do deliver to your state, and will at the very least be delivering the show orders 10-12 weeks from the date of the show. Get your order in ASAP to get your order delivered with the show orders.

Steps From Order To Delivery

  1.  Place your order with a deposit | $500 on table sets
  2.  Turn-around for custom build | 10-12 weeks usually
  3.  Get 2 phone calls to arrange delivery
    1. The first phone call is with a projected date/time. Here you can discuss your general availability. (Yes, Saturday will work, no not Sun - etc.). We will do our best to work with you, and ask you to work with us too | Roughly 1 week before projected delivery.
    2. Second phone call is to confirm agreed on delivery date, confirm what time window you can expect the driver, & get the drivers contact info in case anything comes up the day of delivery | 1 to 2 days before delivery.
  4. Meet the driver & allow him to set up | You may be asked to help the driver if the piece is heavy. We will tell you to have help available at delivery when you place the order.
  5. Accept the furniture & pay balance due
  6. Love it for life!