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This is How We Harvest


This is How We Harvest

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love cozy sweaters, boots, and hats. I love Fall smells like spiced cider and apple pie. I love decorating outside with pumpkins, wreaths, and mums. 

One funny or weird thing about fall for me - hearing and seeing the word harvest out of context.  While most people are reminded of fall farming or decor, I'm reminded of wood stain. Harvest is our most popular stain color, and it is named for the warm tones of Fall.

Don’t get me wrong, white and grey are big at the moment, but we still sell a lot of harvest. I think that’s a compliment, because we got the color mixed specially for us about 20 years ago. We didn’t know it at the time, but it seems to me we stumbled across a timeless color.

 The Rundown On Harvest Stain

Harvest is a nice mid tone stain - not dark, and not light. 

It goes well with two tone table sets, and looks just as good with…
 as it does with Cream Glaze....
and Light green glaze... 
and Black...
or Tobacco...
and or course I can't forget Natural...
It looks just as good with all of these (& more I'm sure) as it does just all by itself.

Arts & Crafts Flair

Harvest stain also matches or coordinates with many of the arts and crafts period furniture. That's no coincidence - a lot of our style is inspired by arts and crafts design from the early 1900's.

We've even made a few pieces that are in the same room with Stickly Furniture, which is iconic mission style. Check out our Mission accent tables (all shown in harvest stain) or our mission dining set if you want to learn more about our craftsman inspired pieces. 

You can also shoot me a message to see what other "mission" style furniture I can do for you (such as an island, or bookcase).


Harvest with us all this week next week (Oct 12-19)!

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